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When you pick up your copy of In Your Face, you will see why it went #1 on Amazon so quickly. Funny, sharp, sexy and engaging, Dr. Jodi takes you jodi book cover 300pxon a ride with her insights and rants about lifestyle topics that all women deal with.

When Jodi used to get stressed out she would run to her office break out the Zanax and lick it a little at a time (she didn’t want her doctor to think she was an addict so those puppies were rationed). Well, no more!! Zanax that is! Jodi quit her cushy corporate job and went to find herself. Find herself she did at the local happy hour sipping some Sauvignon Blanc sharing her Jodisms like “It’s not my job to judge, but it is my hobby”, “#Jodisaysyes” and “Pick a finger” (her favorite Joan River’s Quote). She realized she had kept everything bottled up (except the wine) and decided to unleash it if for nothing else her health. Welcome to “In Your Face! The Badass Lifestyle guide for the empowered woman”! Flip through the pages and join Jodi as she breaks it down, gets it off her chest and writes what you know you are thinking! This Dr of Asian Metaphysical Sciences is Zin (as in Red Zin), not Zen, and her Pomeranians are Ying & Yang. So go get some wine, a nice Groth Savignon Blanc will pair nicely with this book and get ready to sip and giggle the night away…


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In Your Face! The Badass Lifestyle Guide for the Empowered Woman

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