Hello. I’m Jodi LaBossiere

I have been a model, image and beauty expert for the past 30 years. Now I am C.E.O. (Chief Empowerment Officer) at “The Beauty Revolution”

In that time, I have won over 300 international models searched, fitness competitions and pageants. I gave taught over 2,500 students, Hosted my own radio show on Universal Broadcast Network (with more than 1 Million listeners), presented on live TV into over 75 million homes in the United States, 500 million world-wide, spoken in front of as many as 50,000 people LIVE (yes at one time).

I started my career with by entering the Miss Swimwear Illustrated International Model Search where I not only walked away with the title but also a brand new jeep, thousands in cash and prizes, as well as the cover of Swimwear Illustrated Magazine.

Since those early days, I’ve found myself constantly evolving. A chameleon in the first magnitude, I have changed my look, my body, my style and my attitude! Sometimes I get a little flack because it appears I do so many things when in fact my entire existence has been about going after what I want, not being afraid to get it, succeeding where others fail, and creating the financial freedom I so richly deserve.

Over the years, I’ve written so many versions of my “ABOUT” page, the iterations could fill a book. Short versions. Long versions. Gritty versions. The story keeps changing, as human-stories often do.

This is my story, today. It’s simple and boring, in a good way: I love meditation. I meditate everyday. I want to inspire you to meditate more, too. I am an emotional being, and I work on balance between Spock and Drama Queen every day. I want to inspire you to sweat more, too.

As Chief Empowerment Officer at “The Beauty Revolution” it is my mission to empower women to improve their spiritual, mental, and emotional, and physical well-being to make more money live a healthier life and become the most beautiful women they know!

I used techniques to get rid of the baggage and super charge you in all areas of you life!

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